Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Bill Gates

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Bill Gates was born on 28 Oct 1955 in suburb of the Washington United States. His full name is William Henry Gates. Being a child he had great interest in computers. The computers were not that advanced as they are now. At the age of 13 he had learned the skills in programming. He would improve the software programs of others and sell them in the market. He had friendship with Paul Allen, who was also interested in computers.

They both were studying in Harvard University. But the love of computers made them to quit studies in half way.  Their project was to build a computer language for the running of the computers easy. Their hard work paid off and they made a basic language for computers. This in the end made computer possible to become common and easily in everyone’s reach.

After this they moved to New Mexico, where they laid the foundation of the “Microsoft Corporation” in 1978. Through this they wanted to make different software. This field had a huge demand because use of personal computer was increasing tremendously. Hardware was available in large quantity but shortage of software. At last they were able to create software that was much needed for computers.

Inspired by this success IBM invited him to create an operating system. Here Bill Gates intelligence, dedication and hard work had shown miracles to create the operating system. This operating system was named as MS-DOS and as a result IBM earned massive profits.

New versions of Windows
windows 8, vip, ms, microsoft

wwindows 7, ms, microsoft, vip

Due to some reasons Paul Allen separated and Gates continued to his journey alone. He shortly made software for business world and entertainment to sell these to IBM and other computer companies. As a result of this his income increased amazingly.

In 1984 Microsoft Company’s business of 100 million dollars doubled in two years. Companies shares were started to sell in stock exchanges. In 1994 business reached to $2 billion. This only in one year touched $10 billion. The world has not seen such an increase in income and Bill Gates became the first in the list of the richest people.

The world of computer has been feasible due to software. Software is the back bone of hardware. Otherwise computer hardware would be insignificant. This change has revolutionized the entire scenario. These changes would not be possible without the struggles of Bill Gate.

Older versions of Windows
windows vista, vip, ms, microsoft

service pack 3, windows, vip

windows xp, xp, microsoft, vip

windows 98, vip

windows 95, vip

Friday, 15 November 2013

William Shakespeare

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 Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1864 near the Stratford, United Kingdom. In English literature and drama writing no one has any matching with William Shakespeare until now. He has become famous in his lifetime. Yet surprisingly little is known about his life and conditions. That is why many people have different thoughts about him. Some people have even more doubt about his identity and they think that Shakespeare is merely a fictitious figure. The actual writer is someone else.

He would write the old stories in a new way. He would increase some interesting characters and written words of wisdom in such a sophisticated and poetic style that it would look like as a part of the original.

Excluding drama and plays Shakespeare has written many poems. He had a good communication skills and imagination powers.
Shakespeare’s name doesn’t need any recognition. Shakespeare is known everywhere. He has widespread boost to the art of drama.

With the power of his pen he has given the plays and dramas a new shape. Shakespeare has introduced to the general public with some unforgettable and lesion giving characters. Now-a-days students of English literature are taking benefits from them. Shakespeare has died in 1616 at the age of 52. 

·         Romeo and Juliet
·         Coriolanus
·         Titus Andronicus 
·         Timon of Athens 
·         Julius Caesar
·         Macbeth 
·         Hamlet
·         Troilus and Cressida 
·         King Lear
·         Othello
·         Antony and Cleopatra
·         Cymbeline 

·         All's Well That Ends Well 
·         As You Like It
·         The Comedy of Errors
·         Love's Labour's Lost
·         Measure for Measure 
·         The Merchant of Venice 
·         The Merry Wives of Windsor
·         A Midsummer Night's Dream
·         Much Ado About Nothing
·         Pericles, Prince of Tyre 
·         The Taming of the Shrew
·         The Tempest 
·         Twelfth Night
·         The Two Gentlemen of Verona
·         The Two Noble Kinsmen 
·         The Winter's Tale 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Henry Ford

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Henry Ford was born in Greenfield, Michigan, America on 30 July 1863. Henry Ford the founder of Ford Motor Company has modernized the mass production of vehicles.
His T Model vehicles have revolutionized transportation and American industry.
He was an intelligent inventor.
Being the sole owner of the Ford Motor Company, Henry was one of the richest and most famous person of the world. He acquired good reputation not only because of production of affordable vehicles but also through high salaries. In 1914 salary was 5 dollars per day.
Despite invalid education had a high thinking capacity. He especially considered the needs and interests of the customers. Strong attachment with reduction in costs led to several technical and business innovations. Ford left his huge wealth to the Ford Foundation. Henry Ford permanently handed over Ford Company to his family.

Two major companies of Henry Ford failed miserably. Then he established Ford Motor Company to achieve his dream. His dream was that every person have their own vehicle. And Henry in his time became the third richest person in the world. He died at the age of 83 on April 7, 1947 Michigan, U.S.

Ford Motor Company Vehicles

Old Vehicles

vip car, first car

T Model, vip

A Model, vip

Sports Cars

vip car

vip car

vip sports


Modren and Super Cars

vip ford motor

vip modren car

vip car

vip car, vip jeep, vip

vip and super car


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein is considered the greatest physicist of twentieth century. He was born in the German city Ulm on March 14, 1879. Einstein belonged to prosperous Jewish family. His Father was a businessman, but not a successful one. When he was six years old, his family moved to Munich.

He got early education from a Catholic seminary. Unpleasant environment there was irritating to him. In 1894 Einstein’s father including family moved to Italy for business reasons, leaving him behind in the boarding school. Soon after this he also joined his family in Italy. In 1896 he Abandoned German citizenship.

If we take out his name from the history of scientific progresses, then the world would go centuries back. He could not speak till 3 year of age. He was known as an incompetent student. Einstein began to change after 1900. 1905 was considered the year of successes. This year, he presented several thesis. The first thesis was the nature and properties of light. The second was mathematical model of theory of Brownian motion.  The third was the equivalence of mass and energy. And fourth was the famous  “special theory of relativity”.

He was the greatest scientist world ever known. His contributions have been great progress for mankind. Albert Einstein died in Princeton, New Jersey, United States on April 18, 1955.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Isaac Newton

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Newton was born in 1644 in England. Newton was an intelligent child but he did not have any interest in school. When he was young, his mother had taken him out of the school so that he would become a successful farmer. But only at the age of twenty seven (27) he had shake the foundations of scientific theories. Who knew this guy, who shies away from going to school, will be a great scientist of future.

With invention of the telescope he has changed the all scenario regarding astronomy. After that new understanding developed about our solar system and the universe. This telescope is still used for big astronomical observations. In mathematics his great invention was the invention of Calculus which he invented in the age of 25.

Moreover, Newton presented three laws of motion of a body (objects), which are still considered valid. Newton’s these three laws has helped great many major discoveries of the future.

His greatest work was the discovery of gravity. In addition, Newton has written many books on principles of mathematics and science, which are still explored. Newton died in 1747.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Alexander Graham Bell

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Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1847. He went to school only for few years regularly.
Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone in 1876. But you will be certainly surprised to know that his original purpose was not to invent telephone rather than he and his father wanted to make an instrument to help the deaf to hear. French government awarded him fifty thousand francs which he donated for research on deaf.   

Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone has greatly influenced our lives. There are only few inventions which were used as widely as telephone and have deep affect on our lifestyle.   
Before the invention of telephone many scientists attempted to make telephone. Graham Bell worked on the Principle that was very simple and clear. He thought that the sound produced will reach to ear through the air waves. This creates motion in the ear membrane. It reaches to the brain. Then man knows that what kind of sound is it? Or what is being said? If two things like membrane are place at a distance and they are connected through electric wires. Then there is no reason why it cannot produce motion. Thus he worked on the principle and succeeded. 10 of March 1976 Graham bell made his first call to his colleague. That was a great leap for mankind towards development.  

Graham Bell moved to America and got nationality in 1882. He died in 1922

Friday, 15 March 2013

Thomas Edison

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He was born in Milan, Italy on 11 February in 1847. When he was only a child his parents moved to Michigan. He started to work as a newspaper seller (vendor) at Grand Trunk Railway station. After spending sometime he started his own printing press and newspaper.
Edison is recognized as the greatest inventor of the America. He has made almost one thousand inventions. He persistently struggled to contribute many things of value to the world.  

Edison’s some of the most famous invention are: photography, Microphone, Mimeograph. The biggest blessing which he has given to mankind is electric bulb. He achieved success with years of hard work and patience.  During this work he has failed again and again, but he never lost courage and was finally able to make electric bulb. He made Kinetoscope ​​which with progress became ​​today's cinema. Edison has improved his invention phonograph to make motion Pictures camera. He invented nickel and iron storage battery and his last job was the discovery of artificial rubber. Edison died on 17 Oct 1931.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was born on 5 May 1818 in Trier in western German, the son of a successful lawyer. His family was prosperous and civilized. Marx first entered the Bonn University and then Berlin University to study law. He also became interested in studying history and philosophy. In 1841, he received a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Jena. The doctorate thesis was” The Difference between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature”. In 1842, he became a journalist, writing for liberal newspaper "New Rhenish Newspaper" and in October becoming editor. After a short period as editor of the newspaper in Cologne, Marx moved to Paris. French authorities considered Marx as a political threat and expelled him with his wife from France. Marx spent two years in Brussels, where he worked in collaboration with Engels. In 1948 Marx co-authored with Engels a pamphlet 'The Communist Manifesto'. He stated that entire human history was based on class struggles.

Marx moved to London, in 1849, where he enjoyed the rest of his life. For some years, his family struggled but his friend Engels helped him go through that phase. Steadily, Marx came out from his isolation and created his most valuable and notable work, 'Das Kapital' (Capital). It became the “bible of the working class”. Capital was first published in 1867 while the remaining volumes were edited by Engels after Karl Marx death. He died on 14 March 1883 and was buried at Highgate Cemetery in London.

Marx as an extremely important revolutionary intellectual, thinker, and philosopher, he did not survive to see his thoughts, views, and ideas carried out in his days, but his works shaped the theoretical foundation stone for modern Marxism or communism. 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Che Guevara

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Che Guevara was a Latin American revolutionary who considered  the entire world as one country. Till his death he acted on the philosophy of armed struggle to achieve economic justice. His struggle still warms the blood of the people who dream of revolution. 

This charismatic persons’ real name was Ernesto but the world knows him by the name of Che Guevara. He has born in Argentine' town of Rosario in a middle class family. Che Guevara has got medical education. But in short life of only 39 years he proved his expertise and skills in many areas. He was a revolutionary leader, guerrilla commander, poet, photographer and a player. After finishing education he went to Guatemala, where in 1955 Che Guevara met Fidel Castro and Che Guevara strongly supported Castro in overthrow of the Cuban government. On these services Che Guevara was given Cuban citizenship. Number of positions were given to Che Guevara in new Cuban government, revolutionary head of the courts, President of the National Bank of Cuba and Ministry of Industries.

Che Guevara led the Cuban delegation at the United Nations conference in New York. On But his return to Cuba, Che withdrew from his citizenship because of some differences with Fidel Castro. He went to Congo and then to Mozambique. But on Castro call he came back and Reached Bolivia to organize a revolutionary movement. Where in October, 1967 he was killed. In 1997 Che Guevara body was brought to Cuba and was buried with national honor. After the death Che Guevara achieved Global fame and today he is presented as an example for revolutionary movements.   

Friday, 11 January 2013

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
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Abraham Lincoln was believed to be the most important president of America. He was twice elected as president, he got 56 years of age, and in 1865 while watching a drama in a theater he was assassinated. The person who killed him was a racist. His fault was to end the course of slavery from America and struggled to give freedom to blacks. The sixteenth president of America was born in 1809 in a poor family. He could not get formal education. He was self made and self educated person. He worked in fields, for study he would borrow book from others.  Once he borrowed a book from a landlord on the biography of the first president of America George Washington. But the book has damaged. For the compensation, He had to work in his fields to the landlord for three days.

He saw on these ships, cruel treatment of black slaves. He would think of their freedom. At that time seven southern states, where blacks would work in fields of white landlords, had established a rebellion government against the federal government of 34 northern states. In that environment Abraham Lincoln became great lawyer without studying in school and college, did it entirely on his potentials. American population was 30 million at that point of time. The women and slaves did not have the right to vote. Lincoln even in these conditions got elected as the president. His life is a classical example of hard work, honesty, performance and intelligence.  

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wright brothers

orville and wulber, wright

Wright brothers were two American brothers who invented the first ever airplane successfully. Their names were Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright. Wilbur was born on April 16, 1867. And Orville was born on January 30, 1871.
When they have started to think of flying in the skies the situation that to rise above the ground was not considered important. Orville and Wilbur soon after starting their work on flying they realized that
The most of the theories are deviated from the actual dynamics and purpose of flying. They all the day would be busy in cycle shop, after coming back from the shop they would spent their full time in experiments. Finally they discovered a system to control through which changed the air pressure on different parts of the flying machine.  

Determination, dedication and devotion to fly glider provided them the base for success. Before them the other individuals trying to invent the first flying machine, were worried. They did not know how to fly the machine. But this was not a problem with Wright brothers, because they were well trained and loved to fly.

Two brothers realize exactly what the real problem was! They worked in right direction that how to manage the airplane in the air? They spent most of the time and effort to discover a system through which stabilize and balance the plane in the air. Finally they discovered three dimensional systems to control the plane.

First event of flying took place in North Carolina Kitty Hawk near Devil Hills on December 17 in 1903.  
They named the airplane "flyer 1". It was completed in less than a thousand dollars. It wings were 40 feet long and weighed around 750 pounds.  Engine was only 12 horsepower and weight of the engines was 170 pounds.

From century men kind had dreamed of flying. Wright Brothers made it possible to achieve this dream through their capabilities and made Fairy tell ​​a reality.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mohandas Gandhi

mahatma, gandhi, Karamchand

Gandhi was born in Gujarat, India on 2nd October 1869. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He passed the bar exam in London. He spent some time in South Africa and from where he came in politics. Gandhi come to India, launched political and social awareness through the platform of the Indian National Congress. For freedom non-violence was his main weapon.

Gandhi was India's Political and spiritual leader and the most important character of freedom movement. In India he is respectfully called Mahatma Gandhi and Bapu Ji. Gandhi's birthday is a national holiday India and Gandhi’s photo is also on Indian currency. 

He got the Mahatma title from the public, on the basis of his struggle against the British imperial government and leading the deprived people of India. Mahatma means the great soul.

When we analyze thoughts and views of Gandhi’s life we find evidence of comprehensive and integrated approach. Mahatma Gandhi was capable leader (politician), excellent man, and he was not even a thinker but also a Philosopher. But he proposed to the world suck a lifestyle and for combating the issues of the life he suggested helpful methods that the people were surprised to see its effectiveness.  The most important ideology of Gandhi is non-violence; he called it direction and process of life.

Today the violence is not only a national obstacle but also has become globally a terrible problem.   Absence of harmony between different races, countries, castes and religions, directs wave of violence and which lead to riots in the world. The entire world wants the solutions for this matter. By analyzing speeches Gandhi, it is clear that he honestly made efforts to bring harmony among the different castes, religions, colors, communities, races and ethnic groups. National solidarity was the idea of concerned for him. It was the fundamental stone on which he wanted to build a prosperous nation.

He was assassinated on 30 January 1948 by a Hindu nationalist who thought Gandhi was too sympathetic to India's Muslims.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Alexander The Great

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Alexander the Great was born in 356 BC. He was only eighteen years old, when his father Philip II appointed him a regiment commander.  Alexander with his regiment launched such bold attacks on the enemies that eventually Philip II was victorious in this battle. This event was in 338 BC.

Two years after the war, Philip II died and Alexander got the throne. Macedonia of Greece was a small state. In the surrounding there were many small countries, which were enemies of Macedonia. Alexander first overriding them and he in 334 BC has shown his determination of striking Iran, which was a stanch enemy of Macedonia.

Alexander in early spring with his thirty thousand infantry and five thousand cavalry troops moved forward towards the Asia. His force entered the country which is now called Turkey. During the month of May on the banks Granicus river Iranian military was hammered, then turning east and south coast and occupied the whole of Syria and Iran's naval power was destroyed. Egypt accepted submission without a fight.

After that Alexander fought for seven years while moving towards the east. And even entered India through Iran. Near the River Jhelum Alexander was fighting Porus and defeated Porus. Even though Porus lost that fight but Alexander was impressed by his stature and willingness to fight till the death despite being severely injured in face of almost certain defeat and let him rule his land and as a result Porus became his ally

Alexander was making plans to conquer the entire continent but his army refused to move. As a result through Baluchistan he reached Babylon the city of Iraq. Where he had a fever.  With the desire in his heart of conquering the world he died in 323 BC only in the age of 33 years.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta on 15 Jan 1929. He was a human rights activist and pioneer of African-American civil rights campaign. He strongly campaigned in Americans for equal civil rights.

World knows and recognizes Martin Luther King as a denier of the racial discrimination, color and creed, to fight against discrimination and for civil rights. In Sixties in the United States Martin Luther King began the largest movement for the rights of Blacks.

This movement became immensely popular in American public. But on the 4th April 1968, political assassination of Martin Luther a wave of riots erupted on the basis of race across America, Which continued for few days. Several areas were destroyed in the violence and riots resulted in the killing of more than forty people.

In 1956 bus boycotts and peaceful protest in Montgomery had made the Martin Luther a face of racial equality movements. King began struggle against the discriminatory U.S. laws under which Blacks were deprived of voting right and many other facilities in the U.S. In Washington in 1963 in his speech under the title echoed “I have a Dream” he has become a symbol for racial equality in American amendments.

In 1964 by adopting peacefully protest against the racial discrimination and running civil discrimination disobedience movement, Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He was the youngest man to get this prize. In 1968 before his assassinated, he made efforts for poverty alleviate and opposing the Vietnam War and brought forward religious perspective on both. On 4 April 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee Martin Luther King was assassinated. Two Church titled the King as a martyr.

 In 1977 presidential Medal of Freedom and in 2004 Congress Gold Medal was awarded to King. In 1986 Martin Luther King Day was declared national holiday in the U.S. Time magazine in 1963 declared him "personality of the year".